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We are on a mission to find and support the best first and second generation immigrant founders

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Startup Review

We review incoming investment opportunities on a weekly basis and reach out to founders with our feedback.


First Call

We get on an intro call with the founders to understand the team, the business and the market to help us get closer to an investment decision. We also try to understand how we can add value beyond capital to the founders.


Internal Analysis

After the meeting, we conduct a discussion on crucial aspects of the founders and the business. If the team sees potential value, we request dataroom access for a detailed review of company documents.


Investment Decision

If there are no significant red flags, we are able to deploy capital within a matter of days.

Arjun Mahadevan

CEO - doola

"Shane's outreach and ability to create connections has helped doola initiate partnership conversations and land strong angel investors. He consistently responds to asks on intros which has been immensely helpful."

Saurabh Misra

CEO - Stealth

"We're super grateful to Punch as Shane's resourcefulness early in our journey led to our bringing on a skilled founding engineer!"

Aditya Agarwalla

CEO - Stealth

"Shane responds ASAP to investor updates, and I definitely plan on tapping into him ahead of my next round."

Akhil Reddy

CEO - Thera

"I met Shane during our raise but am now happy to call him a close friend. He is always eager to help whenever called upon and has made intros to other portfolio companies that eventually became customers."

Abraham Litwin-Logan

CEO - Tholos

"Shane's always ahead of the game when it comes to proactively seeing where he can provide value and responding quickly to investor updates. Happy to recommend Punch to all those looking to raise an early stage round."

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